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  • Innovative Excel Solutions!
  • 40+ Unique Excel Templates
  • 300+ Practical Excel Tutorials
  • Designed By Chartered Accountants
  • Based On 20+ Years Experience in Microsoft Excel
  • 100% Unique Design - Not Found Anywhere Else!
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  • 100% Unique. excel-skills.co.uk
  • 40+ Unique Excel Templates!
  • Accounting in Excel
  • Management Accounts & Financial Statements
  • Monthly & Annual Cash Flow Projections
  • Business Valuations & Fixed Asset Registers
  • Product Costing & Inventory Control
  • Plus Lots More!
  • 100% Unique. excel-skills.co.uk
  • 300+ Excel Video Tutorials!
  • Suitable For All Versions Of Excel
  • Practical Training Medium
  • Category or Course Based Layout
  • One Course For All Skill Levels
  • Quick To Download
  • Access For 365 Days!
  • 100% Unique. excel-skills.co.uk
100% Unique Excel Templates & Practical Excel Training!

The Excel Skills UK team offers a unique range of Excel templates which are grouped into 6 categories namely accounting; cash flow; fixed assets, loans & valuations; costing & inventory; personal finance and sales & free templates. In addition, we also offer a comprehensive series of more than 300 practical Excel video tutorials. All our solutions are designed based on years of practical experience in working in Microsoft Excel and are 100% unique - you will not find similar solutions anywhere else!

Our unique, practical Excel templates produce results that are more comparable to software solutions than regular Excel templates. Most of the free and even paid for Excel based solutions that are available today only contain limited functionality but our templates produce complex automated reports based on limited user input. You also don't need advanced Excel skills in order to use our templates - our templates only require basic user input and include comprehensive step-by-step instructions.

results that are more comparable to software solutions than regular Excel templates

Our comprehensive series of Excel video tutorials have been designed with a practical approach. We identified the need for an easily accessible Excel training resource which can be used for course based Excel training and as a resource for obtaining guidance on specific Excel features while you are working in Excel. Aside from the fact that we cover features and techniques that do not form part of other Excel courses, it is our dual purpose approach that sets our Excel training apart from other Excel training resources.

Since 2011 we have grown from strength to strength and we have established ourselves as one of the leading providers of Microsoft Excel based solutions in the United Kingdom!

Why Our Excel Templates Are Unique...

We specialize in developing innovative Excel templates that contain unique functionality and produce results that cannot be found in other Excel templates. Most Excel templates contain little or no formulas and function more like forms. We refer to our templates as "intelligent solutions" because only limited user input is required in order to produce complex automated results that can only be replicated by very advanced Excel users who are experts in the field of business information. We guarantee that you will not find templates that can match the functionality that is included in our templates anywhere else!

only limited user input is required in order to produce complex automated results

Our templates currently include solutions that enable users to perform accounting in Excel, compile Excel based financial statements, perform monthly & annual cash flow projections, calculate business valuations, compile a detailed fixed assets register with automated depreciation calculations, perform loan calculations, calculate product costings, produce loan account statements, control inventory, compile tax invoices, produce customer account statements, compile a cashbook, perform bank reconciliations, control petty cash, calculate sales commission and a lot more!

View samples & trials of all our unique Excel templates

What Makes Our Excel Training Videos Practical?

Our practical Excel training includes 300+ Excel video tutorials which cover most of the core functionality that is included in Microsoft Excel. We don't distinguish between basic & advanced Excel course content because we believe that novice users should not be limited in terms of the growth that they can achieve in their Excel skills during any pre-defined course subscription period. We also believe that due to the practical nature of our tutorials, advanced Excel users will also benefit from our tutorials on basic Excel features because these tutorials cover techniques that can be used to improve the efficiency of any Excel user regardless of their current skill level. Our Excel training is a lot more comprehensive than other Excel courses and we also include practical guidance on Excel features & techniques that do not form part of any other Excel course!

We believe that the convenient and practical nature of our online Excel tutorials enable users to develop Excel skills that are more durable than any once-off classroom type training course can possibly provide. Our Excel tutorials include a lot of content that is not even covered in standard Excel courses; the design of the tutorials ensures that users can study the tutorials at their own pace & convenience and the 365 day membership period ensures that users can easily refer back to a tutorial if they experience any difficulty with a particular Excel concept or feature. The categorized layout of the tutorials also enables users to view tutorials on specific Excel features while they are working in Excel. Our practical Excel training approach is more comprehensive, convenient and also more affordable than any classroom type training course and results in a superior, more durable Excel skill level.

training certificate which can be used to verify the time that has been spent on our Excel training resources

Any online Excel training resource can only be effective if the medium of training is practical. This means that the training videos which form the basis of most online training resources needs to be small in terms of file size in order to be quick to download. All our Excel tutorials are based on unique Shockwave videos which are 90% smaller in size than regular video content, quick to download and easy to navigate through.

Our practical Excel exercises are also much more than just exercises! We design our exercises in such a way that they provide the user with a mapping of the Excel features that can be used in order to complete the appropriate task in the most efficient manner possible. Each step in each exercise is referenced to the appropriate tutorial that needs to be studied in order to be able to complete the step. We also provide online training certificates which can be used to verify the time that has been spent while studying our practical online Excel training resources.

View a complete list of our 300+ Excel tutorials

Buying Templates Or Registering For A Membership

Customers can buy individual or multiple templates by using the Buy Now buttons or Add To Cart links to add the appropriate templates to their shopping cart. We also currently have a Special Offer whereby you can buy any 3 of our templates at a reduced price. In addition, if you add more than 3 templates to your shopping cart, a volume discount will automatically be applied to your total amount.

Our full membership option includes download access to all 40+ of our unique templates and therefore represents the best value for money option for customers who are interested in more than 3 templates or who would also want to make use of our 300+ practical Excel tutorials. The membership is valid for only 365 days but the use of the templates is not limited to this period. What this means is that you will be able to continue using the templates after your membership period has expired as long as you download all the templates within the 365 day membership period.

membership is valid for only 365 days but the use of the templates is not limited to this period

In terms of our Excel training membership option, customers who decide to purchase a single training membership can do so by completing the registration process on our website. We recommend that customers who are interested in multiple training memberships request a quotation because we offer corporate discounts on all multiple user registrations.

All the prices that are listed on our website are once-off and we accept transfers & card payments through PayPal and payments via electronic transfers (including internet banking and direct deposits). All the member registration information and payment details that are entered on our website are protected through SSL encryption and all card payments are processed through the secure PayPal interface.

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